Time Management Tips

Great Time Management Tips To Help You Be More Productive

Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to share with you my time management tips that changed my life and I’m hoping can help change yours. So often as a busy wife and mom and not to mention physician, I found that I was always complaining of there just not being enough time in a day.

I felt like I was constantly drowning in a sea of things to do especially when I didn’t follow my own rules that I put into play. So below I want to share with you my time management strategy that has helped me to swim and not sink.

Tip #1– Time Analysis

I found that analyzing how much time it would take me to do any given tasks I had on my list of things to do helped me to get far more done.

Tip#2 Creating a SMART plan

This SMART plan is an acronym that is commonly used in the project management world but works for this as well, it simply means that in order for my tasks to get done, it has to be:



A– achievable


T-time related

Tip#3 Discipline and consistency- In order to get anything done, this tip is imperative.

Tip #4 Implementation- this is where I implement the plan that I have in place once I’ve done my time analysis and created my SMART plan.

Tip #5 Rinse & Repeat- Rinse simply means modify my plan where I see fit and repeat is just that repeat my perfected plan to get all I need to get done actually done.

When I follow these rules, the outcome I have amazes me every time.

If you want to hear more about it, you can check out my youtube video listed below.

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